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Independence and transparency to drive success and mitigate risk

Cambridge is a financial information services firm that provides market data and independent security prices to OTC market participants. Our clients use Cambridge content to increase the efficiency and lower the cost of their valuation, risk management and fund accounting operations.

Now more than ever, geopolitical uncertainty and market distortions have increased the need for reliable sources of price verification. Contact Cambridge today to learn more about the independence and transparency of the services that we provide.




IN focus

Cambridge was one of seven security pricing firms included in SS&C GlobeOp's 2018 evaluated pricing vendor survey.

To download the report, click here.



Financial Information Services

Yield curves

Global interest rate zero-coupon curves, discount factors and corporate issuer yield curves. 

bank loan prices

Daily composite prices on global high yield and investment grade loans.

volatility surfaces

FX option and swaption volatility points covering many global interest rate markets and currency pairs.

corporate bond prices

Daily prices on global investment grade and high yield corporate credit.

cds spread curves

Credit default swap spread curves covering most liquid issuer and tier combinations.

and more...

Prices on municipal bonds, MBS, CMBS, ABS and other security types. 


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